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Consistency! 5 of 7 on proposal writing

Melt snow, melt!  Thanks for returning to read more in our series about writing winning proposals!

To catch up, see parts 1 - 4:
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The fifth topic on enexdi’s list of proposal-writing mantras:

It’s a service to your writing and your reader!  Consistency in style and presentation helps ensure that your reader needn’t do mental gymnastics to understand what you’ve proposed.

A few things to consider:
• Did you capitalize Solution (which you should never cap!) in one sentence and lowercase the “s” in the next?
• Are font (and size) and spacing consistent throughout?
• Are bios of key professionals formatted and consistent in presentation?  (We’ve seen well-written bios for some people, while others are merely a laundry list of credentials – in the same proposal)
• Are writing style and tone maintained throughout? In many proposals, it’s easy to identify multiple contributors.

Your proposal should be one quality effort – not a hodgepodge of random input.

Posted By Doug Nocerino | 2/21/2014 1:22:38 PM

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