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How will we produce this proposal?

Questions to answer: 

How many volumes in the proposal?  How many pages per volume?  Printing single or double-sided?  Will it include tabs?  Binders or other types of binding?  Covers & spines? CDs/DVDs? How will it be delivered? Need a back-up set?  In-house copies?

Good news...enexdi does this everyday!  Use the enexdi templates to prepare for a rapid and accurate production when the time crunch hits!

Our latest free eBook resource, Templates to Manage Proposal Production by enexdi, is a winner!  (click the link to download) It includes templates for binder sizing, cover and spine production, tab creation, CD labels and more tips!  

Email us at for to schedule your proposal production today!

We look forward to working with you soon!


Posted By Damian Gladysiewski | 7/8/2014 9:58:41 AM

Differentiate your proposal!

with custom, full-color CD & DVD printing!

Download our free CD cover template and make your next CD a work of art.

Create custom tabs quickly and easily!

Creating tabs is simple- turn to enexdi and our professionals will produce your tabs quickly and accurately in a variety of cuts, colors and styles!Use the enexdi template to help avoid the pitfalls - it's free - download today!

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