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Is more better? With capitalization - not exactly!

Proper capitalization can be tricky. Read the two sentences below and decide which is easier to read:

  • Have you Capitalized Random Words for no Apparent reason? If So, your Proposal probably Is difficult To Read.
  • Have you capitalized random words for no apparent reason? If so, your proposal probably is difficult to read.

In general as your English teachers taught you, only capitalize proper nouns!

  • A proper noun is a noun that in its primary application refers to a unique entity, such as London, Jupiter, Sarah or Microsoft, as distinguished from a common noun, which usually refers to a class of entities (city, planet, person, corporation), or non-unique instances of a specific class (a city, another planet, these persons, our corporation).

By capitalizing correctly, your proposal will score higher! 

Coming soon:» Turn down that buzzing!

Posted By Doug Nocerino | 4/22/2015 1:55:26 PM

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