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Measure twice and cut once!

You worked tirelessly on your latest proposal – you were at the office late, ironing out every detail and making sure every section read perfectly.  You should feel good about it…but did you spell everything correctly?   Is your proposal good enough to swear bye...uh oh!!

While spell-check is a must, it doesn’t help you with homonyms or words that sound similar but can have totally different meanings.  If your proposal is to help bolster employment opportunities for returning soldiers, it doesn’t look good for your proposal if you are looking to help retuning solders.

Fortify your proposal and take time to re-read everything carefully before you print and if available, have a colleague or consultant serve as a reviewer.  The adage says to ‘measure twice, cut once’ and the same thinking should be used with the spelling for your next proposal: read twice, and you’ll improve your win chances (and help you catch changes early so hopefully you only need to print once!) 

Stay tuned for more enexdi proposal tips like these coming soon! 
Posted By Doug Nocerino | 5/26/2015 3:22:43 PM

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