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Passive is wimpy! 2 of 7 on proposal writing

Thanks for returning to read more in our series about writing winning proposals!

To catch up, see part 1 of 7, »Writers write!, posted 11/14/13

Part 2 of 7 on enexdi’s list of proposal-writing mantras:

»Passive is wimpy! 

Is your proposal written in active, versus passive, voice? Your hard work and innovative solution shouldn’t get lost in passive voice.

Which do you feel makes a stronger statement?

The solution was designed by John Smith’s team. - passive

John Smith’s team designed the solution. - active

Generally, you’ll know your sentence is active if it answers “who did what?” In the active example above, “who” is John Smith’s team; “what” is designed the solution.

Because people (your readers) tend think in terms of “who did what,” writing in active voice is one of the most reader-friendly tactics you can employ in your proposal.

Coming soon:

»Capitalization is king! 

Posted By Doug Nocerino | 11/22/2013 2:34:30 PM

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