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Production quality is crucial to a winning proposal

We recently helped a new client print and assemble a complex proposal for a federal government procurement. enexdi wasn't contracted to design, write or proof the proposal.  During the standard enexdi quality control process, however, we identified numerous items in the proposal that warranted urgent correction prior to submission. 

There were several writers working long hours, sharing and re-sharing multiple versions of the proposal. Add deadline pressure to the mix and it’s easy to understand how things can go wrong. To mitigate the issues and get the client back on track, enexdi flagged mistakes and redundancies, reworked the formatting and helped exert version control over the many volumes and versions with which the client was working.

As a client- and deadline-driven business, we place a premium on quality control – regardless of whether it is requested of enexdi.  It’s just one way in which enexdi goes beyond the fold.

A beyond-the-fold tip for companies responding to government requests for proposals and requests for information: While writing is fluid, particularly for proposals, enexdi recommends that you employ stringent version control process - established and socialized among the team before putting even one word on paper. This effort will help save you time and aggravation while you’re working hard to tell your winning story!

How can we help your company go beyond the fold

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Posted By Doug Nocerino | 9/26/2013 10:49:54 AM

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