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Proposal food - can we do better?

We've all experienced it - as proposal deadlines loom, pressures mount. Red team was bloody red and tempers are testy. You console yourself with a comforting treat to regain focus on that wayward technical section. Perhaps later on you indulge in a slice of coffee cake left over from the morning stand-up meeting. Before you know it you’re in a downward spiral of unhealthy eating.

Proposal food – it’s always there no matter if it's a large DOD contract or a small task order. Ash trays and smoky proposal rooms have long gone to cubicles stuffed with every delicious temptation one can imagine. Experienced proposal professionals measure complex proposals in pounds…"Yep that re-compete prop was a 12 pounder!”.

There are plenty of healthier options. The key is to associate proposal stress and hectic schedules with a commitment to better eating habits. Swap Chinese carry-out for a fresh, organic salad. Change the morning stand-up from donuts and coffee cake to a healthy start with fresh fruit.  Drop the mid-day candy and sweets for fresh veggie snacks. Replace sugary sodas with water and club soda.  Most restaurants and caterers now offer lower calorie/sodium/fat selections.  Make better choices.

It's more than just something to ponder before we ask, "Who's up for pizza? We'll be here late tonight."

So, grab a carrot stick and get back to writing that technical section.

Louise Fisher can be reached for recipes and proposal services at

Posted By Doug Nocerino | 9/9/2014 3:01:59 PM

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