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Tame the lion!

Managing proposals can make you feel like a circus ringleader at the circus - your proposal due date is fast approaching and little time remains!  How will you print and assemble the proposal? Can you do it?

Questions you should be able to answer: How many volumes in the proposal? How many pages per volume? Printing single or double-sided? Will it include tabs and if so, full bleed, color or b&w tabs? What size binder – two inch, three inch, five inch? How many sets of each volume are needed? Three-hole punch or spiral bound?Do I need covers & spines? CDs/DVDs? How will it be delivered? Do we need a back-up set? In-house copies? These are just a handful of questions that you need to be prepared to answer and more importantly, understand the time and effort that is required to satisfy those requirements.

Does this cause you stress? Not if you know enexdi! Relax, the enexdi team manages challenging proposal productions every day! Our production staff has over 50 years of combined proposal production experience, so feel confident that you're in good hands with the enexdi team.  

We also offer free templates for binder sizing, cover and spine production, tab creation, CD labels and more tips so you’re ready in advance of the proposal deadline and avoid last minute formatting delays.

Contact us or call directly at 703-748-0596 to schedule your proposal production and let us tame that  proposal lion to well-behaved kitty cat today!

We look forward to working with you soon!


Director of  Production Operations

Posted By Damian Gladysiewski | 5/4/2015 2:18:12 PM

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