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Turn down that buzzing! 4 of 7 on proposal writing

Happy winter!  Thanks for returning to read more in our series about writing winning proposals!

To catch up, see parts 1 - 3:

» Writers write!

» Passive is wimpy!

» Capitalization is king!


The fourth topic on enexdi’s list of proposal-writing mantras:

» Turn down that buzzing!

Is your proposal full of overused buzz words that really don’t mean anything? Think about it – every solution can’t be “best-of-breed,” “state-of-the-art,” and “world-class.” Employ meaningful adjectives to describe your innovative service or solution and the benefits that it can yield.

Excessive use of buzz words feels lazy. Put as much effort into describing your service or solution as you did designing it.

Coming soon:

» Consistency!

Posted By Doug Nocerino | 1/23/2014 12:46:02 PM

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