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Veterans Day - Thank you!

Today is the official day we recognize, honor and thank the many U.S. veterans who have selflessly served this nation. Really, though, veterans need our support regardless of the calendar.

Team enexdi is proud to extend year-round support to our veterans. Recently, we donated graphic design and print support to recreate the 1980 recruitment piece you see below. In addition, we provided several hundred prints to our modern warriors of the 1st and 5th Special Forces Groups, as a token of our appreciation for their service. 

We are pleased that an enlarged, framed version of this piece will be auctioned to raise money for the Special Forces Scholarship Fund, which awards scholarships to the sons and daughters of active and veteran Special Forces soldiers.  

How can you help our veterans?  Volunteer, donate, say “thank you.” All are small things we can do to demonstrate our gratitude. We sleep well at night thanks to the men and women protecting our nation.

Are you a veteran? Limited copies of the special forces recruiting poster are available at no cost to veterans.  Contact us via email or call our office 703-748-0596.

Posted By Doug Nocerino | 11/11/2013 10:27:17 AM

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