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Who's in charge? Use the Active Voice!

A proposal can start small and under control but as it grows and develops, can quickly become unruly. One tactic for developing a compelling proposal is to demonstrate that you are the authority by writing with a consistent voice and tone throughout the different sections and volumes. Make sure that you are the master of your proposal and not the other way around! 

In writing there are active and passive voices. The active voice places the author or subject firmly in control of the action (“Mike’s Team wrote the proposal”), where the passive voice suggests the action is happening to the author or subject (“the proposal was written by Joe’s Team”).  Writing in the active voice demonstrates that you are the authority in your field and have an interest in all of the details of your project. If you aren’t the absolute authority, you need to appear to be and that can be essential if you want to win that proposal!  

The passive voice is a useful tool in any writer’s toolbox. You should avoid using passive voice as part of your proposal, as it suggests ambiguity or a disinterest in all of the specifics of your subject. The key here is to remain consistent with whichever voice you choose throughout your proposal – switching back and forth can be jarring to the reviewer and that feeling of inconsistency may result in a lower score of your proposal. 

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Posted By Chris Turo | 6/30/2015 2:51:28 PM

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