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Writers write! 1 of 7 on proposal writing

A recent Washington Technology commentary caught my eye – as much for what it said as what it didn’t. I agree with the author’s five criteria for winning proposals:

  1. Understanding requirements;
  2. Architecting a technical solution;
  3. Understanding and articulating proposal strengths;
  4. Incorporating innovation; and
  5. Reducing costs.

They make common sense and business sense – key underpinnings of a successful proposal.

But “writing well” should also be part of the discussion! At enexdi, we believe that the preceding five (very good) steps don’t matter much if the proposal isn’t well-written.

Going beyond the fold for proposal writing

This proposal (or the next one) might be the most important opportunity you write all year. Over the next few blog entries, we’ll share with you our insights and recommendations for writing a winning proposal.

First and most important:

»Writers Write!

Did an actual writer write the proposal? Yes, your technical team is a vital component of the proposal effort. That doesn’t mean the tech team necessarily should write it. If the greatest solution isn’t well-articulated, the proposal has a lesser chance of being selected for award.

Beyond responding to requirements, your proposal should tell your story and distinguish your company and its solution from the competition. Good writers, especially those experienced in the government contracting industry, can help you produce a compelling, tightly edited and clearly differentiated proposal. We recommend that you always include a professional writer or editor on your proposal team

Coming soon:

» Passive is wimpy

Posted By Doug Nocerino | 11/14/2013 4:08:04 PM

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